No job too small or too big.

From a Handheld to National Radio Networks – we’ve got you covered



We can look at you radio and give you an idea of how much it will cost to fix. So no need to worry unexpected bill for more than the set is worth.  Best give me a call and I can talk you though what we can do for you and your radios.

Prices from £35.00 per Hour

Testing of all types of Radios 
Replacing PA Output Devices 
Replacement of Knobs, Switches & Connectors on Equipment
Making of RG58 or RG213 Coax Cables, with N Type, BNC, TNC. (PL259 Extra charge of £10 per plug).

Pre-MOT health check

CodePlug Writing Service

Use this section to further explain what services your business can provide. Just a couple of sentences will do.

Prices from £25.00

Basic Codeplug for one set                                                  £25.00
Full Codeplug with on going updates for one year           £100.00
A full fleet with ongoing updates for one year                £1000.00
Programming of PMR sets from                                           £25.00